Product Planning Assistant - وظائف دبى, الامارات العربية المتحدة

Lead the planning and development of automotive-related aftermarket products for business expansion. Plan, evaluate, and develop new, cutting-edge aftermarket products line-up for use in our brand. Monitoring project execution and ensuring that the project delivery is to the appropriate levels of quality and in line with its target date Develops and reviews aftermarket products related literature such as manuals, brochures, application notes etc. including general knowledge of our competitor's product offerings. Assist and lead the sales effort with product support including technical presentations and obtaining of answers to questions at all stages of development and production. Liaise with vendors technical department on product approbation. Sales, profit, and cost performance tracking for appointed product line.

: Confidential Company
: قابل للتفاوض
: دوام كامل
: ساعات عمل حرة
: 2022-09-28
: 2022-10-28
: الكل
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: 59
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وظايف نت ليست شركة توظيف وانما موقع للاعلان عن الوظائف الخالية المتاحة يوميا فى أغلب الشركات بالشرق الاوسط ,فنرجو توخى الحذر خاصة عند دفع اى مبالغ او فيزا او اى عمولات. والموقع غير مسؤول عن اى تعاملات تحدث من خلال الوظائف المعلنة.

طريقة حساب الضرائب علي اليوتيوبرز والبلوجرز في مصر وأسئلة مهمة جدااا

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