Bulk Analyst Hindustan Unilever in saudi arabia - وظائف الرياض, السعودية

Job Title: Bulk Analyst
Department:Quality Assurance
Main Job Purpose:
The job holder will be responsible for sampling and testing of semi-finished goods (bulk) produced in Binzagr Unilever Ltd factory and carry out chemical and physical tests to assess the compliance of products with the required specifications for the release of products to production.
Ensure that laboratory instruments are well maintained and calibrated.
Key Skills and Responsibilities:

To ensure that bulks produced in process areas are sampled as per the Standard AQL Sampling.

To ensure that bulks produced in process areas are analysed as per the procedure following the Unilever Method of Analysis (UMA).

To work closely with Production Department to ensure analysis and timely release of bulks which comply with specifications.

To create correct inspection lot in QM of SAP for any new bulk or update of specifications. .

To ensure that bulk test results are updated in SAP system and released on time.

To ensure that bulk test results are entered in test report file on daily basis.

To ensure that reagents used are fresh, standardized and recorded before using in QC Lab and before issuing to process lab.

To ensure that all reagents, chemicals used for analysis, glasswares are properly arranged and monitored thru monthly inventory..

To request/order reagents, chemicals used for analysis and glasswares based on quarterly requirements..

To ensure that all D-Incident related to bulk observed by either QC Bulk Analyst or Process Operator are raised and details are fully communicated with Manufacturing, Technical, Logistics (if FG already sent to WH) and Quality Teams thru email.

To support Line Operator and FLM in the initial investigation whenever D-Incident related to bulk is observed.

To ensure that non-conforming bulk are physically on hold and blocked in the system.

To update and maintain bulk reference standards in Process Lab and Quality Laboratory.

To ensure that all bulk related issues (e.g. D-Incident, PQB etc) are recorded in the Quality Daily Operational Record on daily basis.

To ensure that all glasswares issued to process areas are recorded to monitor the NO GLASS POLICY in the factory.

To prepare correct Certificates of Analysis (COA) for all BUL products intended for export.

To ensure that all MBS received from R&D are verified versus BOM.

To ensure that all Manufacturing Batch Sheets submitted by process operators are properly filled up with RM batch numbers, operators test results, batch cycle time, signed, properly filed, traceable and retrievable for 4 years.

To ensure that all Manufacturing Batch Sheets issued to production are updated. No old batch sheet lying physically in the process areas and/or mixed with the current batch sheet in the system.

To conduct training to operators whenever there are new SOP, OPL, Quality Refreshers and must be fully documented.

To ensure that all SOP, UMA and OPL posted in QC Lab and Process Areas are updated.

To maintain all analytical instruments in the QC Lab and stationed in the process lab and to report to Quality Team Leader for any damage and non-working insturments.

To attend trials that are related to Semi-Finished Goods (bulks) and perform necessary chemical and physical tests for quality assessment.

To perform Ring Test to all process operators every quarter to assess its capabilities..

To perform process audit every weeks to ensure process area's compliance to quality requirements.

To perform and record daily in-house calibration for pH meter, conductivity meter and rheometer in QC Lab.

To perform analytical test to all samples submitted by MCO Quality, Logistics Quality, R&D, SHE, Trademarks Office and submit reports on time.

To ensure that monthly report for bulk is available on time..

To attend trials related to bulk.

Ensure that laboratory instruments are well maintained and calibrated.

To maintain a high standard of hygiene, 5S and housekeeping in the QC Laboratory and chemical room.

To maintain highest quality standards, ensure safe working practice and care for environment through total compliance with the guidelines and targets set in Health, Safety & Environment, Quality and Consumer Safety, WCM and Customer Service of BUL.

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