SECURITY SYSTEM ENGINEER King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre - وظائف الرياض, السعودية

Responsible for ensureing safety and efficieny for all security systems of the Hospital. Develops, organizes, and directs technical activities for all security systems of the Hospital.Essential Responsibilities and Duties

2. Forecasts equipment demands and projected user traffic. Recommends changes to maintain access control system and other related facilities and capacities to match user needs.
3. Designs and supervises all security equipment, installation, study and plan for future needs, reviews and recommended new security systems, modification of exiting systems or replacement of old equipment. Reviews and plans for constructions of new cables and conduits or for removal or modification of exiting one.
4. Reviews blue print pans for new construction and renovations, assigns day-to-day schedule and supervises all technical personnel and follows-up their daily activities. Evaluates employee performance, takes necessary remedial steps and recommends disciplinary action.
5. Provides for protection of equipment, services and facilities from noise, high voltage, lightening and other adverse effects and for security and integrity to provide confidentiality for users.
6. Supervises outside contractor activities preforming work on Hospital security systems and equipment installation. Supervises technicians performing system installation, maintenance, and repair.Responsible for supervising a work squad of technicians involved in installation, maintenance and repair work.
7. Prepares training objectives for all Security Access Control Section personnel.
8. Follows all Hospital's related policies and procedures.
9. Participates in self and other education, training and development as applicable.
10. Performs all other related duties as assigned.Education

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering, or any related discipline isrequired.Experience Required

Other Requirements(Certificates)

- Saudi driving licence is required.
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Hospitals / Healthcare / Diagnostics
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: King Faisal Specialist Hospital Research Centre
: قابل للتفاوض
: الرياض , السعودية
: دوام كامل
: 8 ساعات
: 2023-03-21
: 2023-04-21
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