Planning and Scheduling Engineer SNC-Lavalin - وظائف الرياض, السعودية

Ability to develop initial baseline schedules with little project information. This requires previous experience is hospitality / mix use development projects.

Assist in the preparation and management of overview and strategic programmes, including design, procurement and construction schedules together with supporting information required schedules

Include all project stages from initiations to completion in the baseline and identify stage gates accordingly.

Coordinate and manage the preparation and development of master planning, engineering, procurement, and construction schedules together with associated information required schedules

Establish and agree project reporting procedures, prepare and present monthly project progress. Develop project and programme dashboard templates to be used across the programme by designer and contractors.


Permanent Job


Engineering / Procurement / Construction
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: SNC-Lavalin
: قابل للتفاوض
: الرياض , السعودية
: دوام كامل
: 8 ساعات
: 2023-03-21
: 2023-04-21
: الكل
: لا يشترط
: لا يشترط
: 102
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