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Responsible for operation and implementation of the design of network and security solutions including Network and Network Security components, HA options and network monitoring and all technologies to ensure the high availability of the service. Responsible for operation and implementation of switches routers, campus network, wireless network, Internet services and keep track of services location, services components, and all technologies to ensure the high availability of the service. Responsible for network security tools, solutions, processes, and policies to ensure an acceptable level of security and further improvement, including vulnerability management, wireless and wired network Intrusion detection, endpoint protection, host intrusion prevention, firewall, baseline compliance and monitoring, perimeter protection, security incident, and event management. Analyzes user's requirements, the concept of operations documents, and high-level system architectures to develop network requirements specifications. Analyzes network requirements and capacity and leads design and development activities. Incorporate new network plans, designs, and systems into ongoing operations. Develops network architecture and network design documentation Maintains technical expertise in all areas of network hardware and software interconnection and interfacing, such as routers, firewalls, hubs, gateways, etc. and provides troubleshooting and problem resolution of complex network problems. Responsible for the overall health and stability of the networks supporting applications, systems, and environments. Responsible for the overall global network management, including campus networks and GMPLS and network security. Providing support for Microsoft Azure and Cloud as well as On-premises Infrastructure. Maximizes network performance by monitoring scheduling upgrades finding opportunities for optimization and automation where possible. Management of Network Security components (VPN, Firewalls, ISE, NAC agents, Load balancers, WSA) Keep track of all tickets status and ensure open tickets are closed within specified SLA. Keep track of the latest hardware models and firmware and be aware of the support matrix of each component. Employment Types: Part time Function: IT- Hardware / Telecom / Technical Staff / Support Roles: Security Engineer

: Saudi Networkers Services
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: الرياض , السعودية
: دوام كامل
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: 2022-09-28
: 2022-10-28
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