Assistant Manager -Internal Audit in GMG Group - وظائف الرياض, السعودية

About GMG: GMG is a global well-being company retailing, distributing and manufacturing a portfolio of leading international and home-grown brands across sport, food and health sectors. Its vision is to inspire people to win in ways that make the world better. Today, GMG's investments span across four key verticals: GMG Sports, GMG Food, GMG Health, and GMG Consumer Goods. Under the ownership and management of the Baker family, it has become a leading global company, affiliated with the world's most successful and respected brands in the well-being sector. Working across the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, GMG has introduced more than 120 brands into its markets. About the role: The Audit Team Leader directs the audit engagement, conducts review of assigned organizational and functional activities, evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of the management controls over those activities, plans and executes audits in accordance with accepted standards reports audit findings and make recommendations for correcting unsatisfactory conditions, and perform special reviews at the request of management. Job Role & Responsibilities Compliance Audits . Prepare compliance plan for the year and allocate team members. . Track the compliance target versus achieved numbers on monthly and quarterly basis. . Prepare/Update compliance checklist for respective branches/segments/functions to cover new areas of review. . Perform compliance audits as per annual internal audit plan. . Review compliance reports prepared by subordinates before submission of report to Assistant Manager/Audit Manager/Senior Audit Manager and communication with process owners. . Identifies key risk exposures and mitigating factors during the concurrent review. . Prepare all audit files including working papers, audit program, draft report as per internal audit standard. . Timely submit the draft report for management review post compliance audit. . Ensure Internal Audit communication protocol is followed for all communication with process owners/ auditees. Operational Audits & Special Assignment . Prepare kick-off presentation by determining audit objectives, audit scope and audit timelines, etc. as per Group Internal Audit format. . Guide and instruct auditors assigned to the audit, and review their work for sufficiency of scope and for accuracy leading the audit team to optimal performance . Coordinate with process owners during the field work and timely report to Assistant Manager/Audit Manager/Senior Audit Manager on any foreseen delays. . Update the Audit Manager about the audit status including briefing on high risk areas identified during the audit. . Direct, counsel, and instruct auditors assigned to the audit, and review their work for sufficiency of scope and for accuracy leading the audit team to optimal performance. . Perform quality review the working papers prepared by subordinates. . Prepare the draft audit report and perform detail review before reporting of deliverable to Assistant Manager/Audit Manager/Senior Audit Manager. . Coordinate with process owners to receive responses on the draft report and review the action plans to finalize the report, prepare executive summary to share with Senior Management, send post audit survey and receive feedback on the report. . Carry out assignment appraisals for subordinates. . Ensure the quality assurance review of all audit deliverables in completed after the assignment. . Provide advisory services for new process changes, business changes, etc. . Perform detail review of all the evidences and system records as part of investigations assigned by the Senior Audit Manager. . Prepare detail report with facts and figures for the investigations carried out and monitor the action plan. . Carry out special assignments requested by Executive Management including analysis, preparation of management dashboards, facts finding report, etc. . Track implementation of pending action plans against Internal Audit recommendations, prepare follow-up presentations for the management, review the follow-up testing carried out by Subordinates. . Manages the development and maintenance of auditee and staff relationships through individual contacts and group meetings. . Provide guidance to Internal Auditor in conducting audits and other audit related issues. Employment Types: Full time Industry: Retailing Function: Finance & Accounts

: GMG Group
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: الرياض , السعودية
: دوام كامل
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: 2022-09-25
: 2022-10-25
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