Senior Financial Analyst - وظائف الكويت, الكويت

Experience4 - 9 Years EducationBachelor of Commerce NationalityAny Nationality Conduct meetings with Company’s clients on as required to obtain information regarding the clients’ business requirements, nature of services requested as well as to collect initial requirements from the clients to kick-off the project. Interview clients, including face-to-face meetings, to gather data and information pertinent to the engagement Evaluate overall expenditure, compare it to budget and undertake financial analysis of the Client’s performance as well as assess the liquidity, solvency, financial health and profitability of their Company. Analyze and appraise financial data of the client’s company by applying diversified financial matrix tools /ratios to measure performance of their company; establish standard costs and collect operational data to determine cost of operations. Develop and maintain financial models and related analytical/reporting tools to ensure accuracy to provide independent financial analysis for proposed projects, expenditure, partnerships, mergers and new acquisitions and report the results to the Client and the Manager - Financial Advisory Services. Analyze a variety of financial information (e.g. revenues, expenditures, projections, cost identification & allocation, etc.) and provide recommendations to ensure that all Departments of the client’s organization are efficiently managing financial resources. Provide high quality and timely investment advisory support to clients through conducting feasibility studies, financial due diligence, financial modelling & valuations, financial projections, and other type of financial analysis to support corporate decisions of the client. Perform valuation analysis on a wide range of illiquid investments broadly distributed across industries and geographies while using accepted and relevant approaches and theory. Maintain current client relationships as well as work on maximizing clients portfolio through maintaining personal networks, and participating in civic, business, and professional organizations Analyze growth, liquidity, financial stability, and profitability through the use of metrics, financial ratios & comparative figures and prepare all related charts and diagrams showing prior, current and forecasted revenues and expenses for easy comparison and evaluation. Utilize metrics and analysis to help leaders, clients and business owners understand the financial impact of strategies, facilitate tradeoffs discussions, and help identify opportunities to optimize business growth in key programs.

: Brunel
: قابل للتفاوض
: الكويت , الكويت
: دوام كامل
: ساعات عمل حرة
: 2022-10-03
: 2022-11-03
: الكل
: لا يشترط
: لا يشترط
: 16
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وظايف نت ليست شركة توظيف وانما موقع للاعلان عن الوظائف الخالية المتاحة يوميا فى أغلب الشركات بالشرق الاوسط ,فنرجو توخى الحذر خاصة عند دفع اى مبالغ او فيزا او اى عمولات. والموقع غير مسؤول عن اى تعاملات تحدث من خلال الوظائف المعلنة.

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